Why do Montessori Middle School Students Succeed in Education? 

Montessori Academy’s Middle School courses of study reflect the newest research on the developmental needs of early adolescents. The curriculum and instruction is designed as a two-year program. Language, math, physical education, outdoor education and service learning are courses of continuous progress. The sciences, social studies and health are studied by topics or concepts.

Each year there are five cycles of work and each cycle lasts six weeks. At the beginning of each cycle, students receive study guides identifying the work they are going to accomplish during that cycle. The cycle format is designed to help students develop organizational, decision-making and time-management skills. Students complete a self-assessment at the end of each cycle to evaluate their progress towards their goals for the year.

Why is it important to keep my adolescent in Montessori?

Research of the adolescent has shown these are two of the most sensitive years in your child’s life. To put a child in a new environment at this time is not beneficial to their self-esteem or academic achievement. Montessori Academy provides a safe environment, where a middle school student can feel the self-efficacy of being the oldest in the school and also model for the many younger children.

The Middle School classroom environment is scheduled to open for the 2017-18 school year.